Scott & Stephanie ~ Anniversary Shoot (New Session Offering!)

I am now offering another new session category and am excited to say this idea came from my client! It’s not very often couples invest in photoshoots of just the two of them after they are married. Stephanie and Scott have been married for 3 years and since then, have added the most adorable little piggy-tailed, kissy-faced darling into their lives. They knew they wanted to have a photo session of them as a couple to celebrate their anniversary, but they also wanted to have a few family photos including their daughter. So we designed a session to do achieve both of those desires and I think you’re going to love it. (It’s kind of brilliant, I must say! . . . thanks Stephanie!)

So what’s an anniversary shoot look like? Well, it’s a photo session where we honor who you are as a family as well as who you are as a couple. I spend the first 20-25 minutes photographing you as a family (basically a mini-session) and the next hour photographing you as a couple. Just bring along a friend or babysitter to take the kids for a walk or to the park while we finish up the shoot celebrating the love you and your spouse share. These photo sessions are just an additional $50 above a regular-priced session and you basically get two shoots! You can even change outfits in between if you like.

So on to the images . . . you guys! Ahhhhh! The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix was a beautifulllll backdrop for our photos. Stephanie has impeccable style and selected bright, vivid colors to contrast the muted tones of the desert and the images came out gorgeous! Can’t wait to share . . .

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Stewart Family (For the Love of Saturdays ~ Lifestyle Session)

I’m rolling out a new session offering. One that I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time now. In-home lifestyle sessions documenting the little things which end up being the big things. . . breakfast in Ninja Turtle big-boy-pants, feeding the dog from the counter, spontaneous hugs and snuggles, jumping on the bed, playing with a train during breakfast, daydreaming out the window, Dad playing “motorcycle” with his son on the edge of the couch, Mom tucked away for a quiet moment nursing her baby, big brother giving massive head-hugs to unsuspecting newborn baby, laughs and giggles all around . . .

It’s the little things, the everyday things that are the best memories of all. I literally have zero professional pictures of my kids when they were really little. Zero. And you know, I’ll be honest. It’s not the standard portraits with everybody looking at the camera and smiling that I most regret not having. It’s the image of my 2 year old son hanging on my leg while I wash dishes. It’s the photo of my kids dancing in their underwear to our silly family made-up song, “Dancin Dancin in my Unduh-pants!” It’s the photo of that split second where my crazy daughter who was always running around  from one activity to the next actually sat still long enough to rest her head on my shoulder and pat my belly as a little love-touch. (Not even pregnant, kids just like to pat bellies, you know?!) These are the images that I carry in my head that are most dear to me. I can never get them printed or share them visually with you. And while I do still enjoy them in my mind, I’d do anything to physically go through those photos in my hands.

More info to come soon on these shoots but tonight, I just want to share my first one . . . my first “For the Love of Saturdays” session . . . enjoy!!!!!


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“S” Family Photos

I’ve been aching to do a cool parking garage shoot. It takes the right client to fit such a location but oh my gosh, my friends (/my amazing hair stylist and her super cool drummer husband) in Phoenix were the perfect clients for trying something new. We met up at sunrise (sorry, Mark!) and it was totally worth it! Love the deep blue skies, empty lot, bright low sun and long shadows . . . ahhhhh, living the dream! Haha

And of course, we must talk about Baby Sawyer. . . . come on!!! How cute is he and his chubby little cheeks!?! Here you go- enjoy!

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Gemma’s 4th!

A few weeks ago, I got to follow this little spunky one around her house and capture her doing what she loves best ~ wearing a princess dress and dancing, playing, and jumping the day away! Hurray for the simple things in life! I adore how these turned out – especially the bed jumping set!

Happy Birthday, sweet little Gemma!

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“N” Family Portraits, Downtown Chicago

Oh how I love this fun session from this Fall! This adorable family is so sweet & loving and the city in all it’s Fall goodness was the perfect colorful backdrop for their Christmas photos.

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