McQueen Family Portraits

Has it really been this longgg since my last blogpost?! Yikes! I’m beginning to come to terms with the reality that from early Fall through the holidays, my business is slammed and because of my commitment to my clients for a quick turn around time, I may or may not keep up with my blog during this season. And at the end of the day, I’m okay with that. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, making my clients happy and balancing my family life. No regrets! That being said, I am READY to share with you what I’ve been up to! Let’s start with this gorgeous Spring session from Phoenix. (Been keeping this under wraps per client request until their Christmas card came out.)

This happens to be my best friend in the whole wide world and her family. She included her mom in the shoot and I’m so glad she did. This whole family is so special to me and photographing them at this gorgeous Scottsdale resort at sunset was a dream. (Nevermind that I lost my wallet on this shoot and spent 45 minutes panicked that I wouldn’t be able to get back on the plane with my ID gone!! Luckily for me, many inquiries later, we found a staff person who had picked it up! Thank you, Jesus!)

And now, the photos . . . enjoy!

Ben + Julie | 8.6.16

Ben and Julie said “I Do” last Saturday on a beautiful sunny Chicago summer day, surrounded by family and friends.  They wrote their own vows and committed to love each other for the rest of their days. During the vows, when Ben got a little choked up, Julie reached out and grabbed his hand, gave him the supportive head nod, and squeezed his hand. It was one of the many ways that these two quietly show their love to each other in their own special ways. Getting to spend the whole day with a couple allows for you to see those little sweet things that they do to love each other and let me tell you, it’s always my favorite thing. Being a wedding photographer is an amazing privilege and I never take it for granted. Having a front seat to the official start of somebody’s “forever” story is an amazing gift.

Ben is the third of a sibling trio who have given me the privilege of photographing their weddings. I feel like one of the family and have loved serving each of them. Getting to know each sibling and their spouses has been a distinct honor and I’m excited to show you all the beauty and love of Ben and Julie’s wedding day! Ben and Julie, thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you. Love to you guys . . .

This wedding had four couples who have entrusted me with the honor of being their wedding photographer. I had to take the opportunity to get a photo with all of them. All the feels, my friends. All the feels . . .

Congratulations, Ben and Julie! My wish for you is that you always look at each other like you looked at each other on your wedding day . . .

Ben + Julie from this day forward.

Ben & Julie ~ Engagement Session

The weather this spring in Chicago has been pretty crazy. In order to utilize the best weather for Ben and Julie’s two locations, we split their engagement shoot into two separate shoots which turned out to be really fun! For the first shoot, we knew we had a chilly, windy forecast but the rain came hours early and it drizzled during the entire shoot! I LOVE how Ben and Julie were up for anything though and we shot through the rain. We really had so much fun just making the most of the gorgeous overcast light and the sweet hidden backdrops found in the West Loop.

A few weeks later, we met up for a sunset shoot on a gorgeous sunny day at the 31st Street Harbor. Ben and Julie brought vintage bikes and bubbles with them – SCORE! We had the meadow, trees, beach and skyline to work with so pretty much another freaking amazing location. So many gorgeous images from this shoot, I really don’t know how I pared it down.

You guys, check out this shoot!

“K” Family Session

I’ve got one more shoot to share with you from my Phoenix trip and it is just plain adorable. The cuteness-factor is just plain off the charts on this one. Seriously, pinch me, because this is how I get to spend my time. Photographing and editing gems like these —


Scott & Stephanie ~ Anniversary Shoot (New Session Offering!)

I am now offering another new session category and am excited to say this idea came from my client! It’s not very often couples invest in photoshoots of just the two of them after they are married. Stephanie and Scott have been married for 3 years and since then, have added the most adorable little piggy-tailed, kissy-faced darling into their lives. They knew they wanted to have a photo session of them as a couple to celebrate their anniversary, but they also wanted to have a few family photos including their daughter. So we designed a session to do achieve both of those desires and I think you’re going to love it. (It’s kind of brilliant, I must say! . . . thanks Stephanie!)

So what’s an anniversary shoot look like? Well, it’s a photo session where we honor who you are as a family as well as who you are as a couple. I spend the first 20-25 minutes photographing you as a family (basically a mini-session) and the next hour photographing you as a couple. Just bring along a friend or babysitter to take the kids for a walk or to the park while we finish up the shoot celebrating the love you and your spouse share. These photo sessions are just an additional $50 above a regular-priced session and you basically get two shoots! You can even change outfits in between if you like.

So on to the images . . . you guys! Ahhhhh! The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix was a beautifulllll backdrop for our photos. Stephanie has impeccable style and selected bright, vivid colors to contrast the muted tones of the desert and the images came out gorgeous! Can’t wait to share . . .