The Beginning and End of Everything {Christine Kay, Wedding Photographer}

“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” 

F. Scott Fitzgerald

They first met through a mutual friend. Katherine, “Kat”, had been pushing Scott and Stephanie to meet for quite some time. She said the two would be *perfect* for each other. With every interaction with them, she couldn’t shake the thought. They’d be crazy not to meet each other!

“Set-ups” weren’t exactly their style so they both held out for months and months. Finally, to satisfy the persistent prodding, they agreed to Kat that they would meet up at an upcoming cocktail party. Something “safe” and low-key to avoid that whole awkward, artificial feel to blind dates.

Mingling at the cocktail party, they were ever aware of the other across the room, tension building as they knew they couldn’t avoid the delicate moment of introduction forever. Separately, they would find themselves glancing up at one another, unsure of when and how to stumble into the eventual encounter.

Annoyingly, he seemed to make eye contact with everyone in the room *but* her. He was nervous. It *was* awkward.

Still, Kat had insisted upon this meeting and had been anticipating for this for quite some time, so . . . eventually they fumbled their way through the room and finally introduced themselves.

Working through the awkwardness by the end of the evening, the two exchanged numbers, unsure of the potential but willing to find out.

On their first date, he spouted off a lame Lord of the Rings joke. And snorted while he laughed at the cleverness of his own wit. He was a dork! And she LOVED it! There was something so attractive about his silliness (even corniness!), and the confidence in which he pulled it off. He was sincere. And sweet. And her heart was stirring.

He fell hard for her too. She was intelligent, beautiful, and engaging. He loved the sound of her voice. It was intoxicating. When he received his first voicemail from her, he played it over and over again. Probably ten times. He just plain couldn’t get enough of her.

Funny thing. The two had each been told over and over in their adult lives that they are big grown-up kids. A bit of a unique find. Would Scott ever find a girl to put up with his fun-loving nerdiness?

“I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” (another F. Scott Fitzgerald quote)

Yes, Scott has found his beautiful little fool. Together, they make the most adorable, spirited, loving couple.

And last Saturday, they became husband and wife.


Set on celebrating their nuptials in style, they hosted a night to remember. It was a black-tie wedding event in the theme of the Great Gatsby era. They had researched every last detail to hold true to the era and it literally took my breath away. Monica of Tres Chic Events, props to you for all of your amazing design!

Starting with Stephanie’s *gorgeous* 20s style fingerwaves hair designed by Holli Chris of Kensington Make-up Artists

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds . . . Ahhh, so glam.

The dress was a stunner on the hanger but just wait ’til you see Stephanie in it!

The bride found the most glamorous jacket to enhance her dress. The detail work of the beading was a work of art.

I love it when brides and grooms do a First Look! So sweet!

Thanking my second-shooter for this stunning composition . . .

Anddddd . . . a little funny business. Go Amy! Show us how it’s done.

I *LOVED* this hallway of the Wrigley for photos. So classic/timeless to match their theme.

Gah!!! Magazine-worthy, these two!

I had researched vintage wedding photos for inspiration for their bride and groom photos. Stephanie and Scott oozed glamour in these striking poses.

Stephanie just *made* that dress, I have to say. Here she is working it. *BAM*

Now that’s a bouquet . . . wow!!!!

Erin killed it with these groom photos! Scott, well done. Well done.

Two of my favorite images of the day. Stephanie, you look angelic.

A few stunners from Erin’s camera . . .

The Wrigley garden area was a dramatic and intimate site for the ceremony.

The bride and groom had so much *fun* during their vows. They have the sweetest, most happy-go-lucky kind of love. Enchanting.

Family is everything to both the bride and groom. As a means to honor the grandparents (both present and absent), they made enlargements of vintage photos for display in the entrance to the reception. It was a touching way of bringing all of the grandparents to the wedding in a sense, so their presence could be felt and their heritage of love, cherished.

There are no words that could describe just how amazing the room was. On to the pictures . . .

Gorgeous sweetheart table –

New rule. If you hire me as your wedding photographer, you are *required* to do a bride/groom sunset session.

Case in point. Look at how beautiful the light kisses Stephanie and Scott.

I love the sunset images so much! Scott and Steph, you completely nailed it.

Can you say “Supermodels”?

The cake was the talk of the reception. Off the chain. Crazy tall. Elaborate. Piece of art! Who eats this masterpiece!?!

(I do. Actually. Mmmmm.)

Ted and Adam from Sugar Sugar Cake Studios, you outdid yourselves with this one!

The bride and groom learned the Fox Trot for their first dance. It WAS unbelievable! The guests loved it as much as Stephanie and Scott I think.

You know I’m a big fan of the crazy! And it got CRAZY! Never seen three awesome women bust out in full splits on the dance floor before in my life! Break it down, sisters!

The bride and groom wish to make it known that this wedding could not have been possible without all of the amazing and talented vendors. Sending some props and love to you all-


Stephanie and Scott, it was a sincere pleasure to work with you. Have a wonderful time in Antigua!

Love to you.