“T” Family Fall Photoshoot

I’ve been photographing this family of four for the past three years and I have to say, it keeps getting better and better. One of the huge benefits of regular family photosessions is that the kids get more and more comfortable each time. There’s a phrase ~ “start ’em while they’re young” . . . And it holds true for photography sessions too! Let me tell you, both of these kids ran *away* from more camera more than towards it the first time I photographed them. Even though I got the shots I needed, that first photosession exhausted both the parents and myself -haha! But they trusted the process and rebooked with me and each time has been easier and better than the last. Now the kids come running towards me for the hug and engage with me about their own ideas they want to inject into the photos. I love that! And . . . . drumroll please . . . they EVEN show affection to each other without being bribed! WHAH!?!??

True story.

Here are the images . .  . enjoy!