Levi and Christina {Christine Kay, Chicago Engagement Photographer}


I’ve had the privilege of watching my friend Christina fall in love. That in and of itself has got to be one of the greatest joys in life. She no longer wanted to settle for a lesser-kind of love but to wait for God to bring her just the right man. I knew she had found somebody special in Levi right away and was thrilled to watch their love grow. I had no idea just how remarkable a man God had brought into Christina’s life until 6 months ago when Christina was hit by a car crossing the street. She was hospitalized in serious condition and stayed there for weeks. She endured very difficult surgeries, physical therapies, and was confined to a wheelchair for a time. Levi never left her side, always holding her hand, stroking her hair, and encouraging her through the physical pain.

I’ll tell you, watching the way Levi devoted himself to caring for her and not shying away during the really difficult days made me fall in love with him too! Christina’s mother and I would comment that this young man was something else – he truly was the real deal. And as sad as we were for Christina, we were so happy for her that she had the undying love and affection of this really sweet man. We knew then what Christina and Levi already knew themselves, they were made for each other and nothing would separate them.

Several months later, Christina is well on her way to full recovery and they are planning their wedding and their future together. They’ll be getting married in Texas in her hometown this winter. I am so excited that I was able to capture their engagement photos here in Chicago where they met, fell in love, and discovered just how deep their commitment is to one another.

We had fun on our tour of some of the lesser photographed areas of the city and ended at Oak Street Beach at sunset. It was all pretty darn awesome. And I’ve got a bajillion photos to prove it.