Fingers and Toes {Christine Kay, Chicago Newborn Photographer}

I admit it.

I’m OBSESSED with newborn baby close ups. These kinds of images make me remember what it was like to study my own babies . . . Count their toes a million times . . . Study the patterns of the bottom of their feet . . . Stare in wonder at their itty bitty pinky nails. . . I remember those sweet times vividly.

It is a huge thrill for me to be able to provide theses images for new parents, so they can hold a little tighter to all things itty bitty.

My heart is full.

Sigh . . . here are a few images of sweet little Sally Maxine from last weekend – Doesn’t she just take your breath away?

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Sally McElroy - January 10, 2013 - 12:24 am

These are so beautiful Christine. Makin’ me cry all over again. You’re amazing!