City Chic Fashion Shoot (Christine Kay, Chicago Photographer)

Part 2 of our recent fashion shoot. LOVED the locations, some of which I planned, some of which were spontaneous finds. My make-up artist/sister Carmen and I wanted a true fashion show feel for Heather’s hair so we worked on our back-combing skills and came up with some fun, crazytown hair. The make-up was absolutely superb, thank you very much, Sister. (You will be seeing more of Carmen’s work in the future as I create a “magazine package” for my seniors . . . watch the blog for details on that!)

Okay, so hear we go! Enjoy. . . our girl rocked the camera, wouldn’t you say???

Dress- Adrienne Vittadini, Heels- Jessica Simpson, Fishnet Tights- Forever 21

This is one of my favorites from the day. So very vogue of you, Miss Heather. . . Gorgeous!

Loved working the timing of the train into this image  . . .

Tank- Andrienne Vittadini, Capris- J.Crew, Heels- Jessica Simpson, Necklace and Ring- Topshop, Earrings- retro find

This is another of my favorites. Loved working with her reflection off of the black granite. Great little place in Uptown – this lounge built in 1907 was frequented by all kinds of famous people over the years, Charlie Chaplin to Al Capone. It helped launch the career of Billie Holliday . . . really cool history. I knew it would make a killer location. And it did. 🙂

I’ll tell you what, I’m ready for another fashion shoot! That was so much fun! Thanks to Heather and Carmen- we made a great team!

Behind the scenes secrets and photos will be coming up on a future blog post. Stay tuned!