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A Christmas Story

Being without extended family for Christmas was a first for us (as in first in my 36 years of life!) I admit, I felt a bit of pressure to throw a fabulous Christmas so that we (as in me and the kids) wouldn’t be all mopey and weepy (Bill, being the more stable one in […]

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One hour. One Block. One Fall Day. {Christine Kay, Chicago Photographer)

I’m definitely a newbie to this whole “Fall” thing. Phoenix has two seasons- Warm/Gorgeous and Hot/Nasty. So, needless to say, Fall in Chicago has me quite smitten. It literally makes my heart race and takes my breath away. I’m in love! I will say I’m not quite sure what marks the end of Fall. Could […]

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Happy Halloween!

While I really should be packing for Hawaii (!!!!!), I couldn’t resist a little post from last night. Thought I’d share some of the cuteness from our first experience of Trick-or-Treating in Chitown. Enjoy! (Pics from Hawaii are a given so stay tuned!) T- A Snow Angel L- . . . I think you can […]

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