“B” Family Photoshoot

I don’t mean to sound biased but is there any better gift parents of adult children could get for Christmas than an all-family photoshoot? These “kids” couldn’t think of one anyway! And with some of them coming into town from the West Coast, Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time for a downtown photoshoot. We had a blast together because these people are just my kind of people – goofy, fun-loving, and always ready to ham it up. (Not to mention super stylish and overall just plain fantastic!) We sure laughed a lot so I think the images will bring a smile to your face as you wonder what the heck is going on behind the scenes . . . I’ll leave that to your imagination. (Though I will say this shoot involved quite a few hidden reasons for all the big smiles . . . you know — photobombing, heckling, bum-pinching and the like.) Haha