And Two Become Three {Christine Kay, Chicago Newborn Photographer}

Little man Malakai came into the lives of David and Katie and changed them from simply “husband and wife” to “family”. I loved photographing this newborn at the downtown hospital where he was born. There’s something extraordinary about the way the buzz and whir of the city continues as always, completely unaware that in a little hospital room up on the 11th floor, a baby is born and a couple will never be the same.

It seems like time stands still for the couple while they spend the first few days absorbed in studying and learning about the new little life that is entrusted to them. Nothing is “business as usual” about becoming parents for the first time, that’s for sure!

It’s always a complete privilege to be able to photograph a newborn and his/her parents and share in their wonderment of it all. My heart is full. Brimming full!

David and Katie are such natural parents. Even though Kai was pretty restless and a wee bit crabby for our photoshoot, I think we got some amazing photos. I love highlighting the natural relationships and every day interactions, whatever they are at the time of the shoot. If baby cries, hey that’s real life, right?! My philosophy is what a great opportunity to photograph the beauty of what it is to comfort and love your child. Here are some of the many, many images from this shoot . . .

This first one is one of my favorites – AH! The three of them and the love they all share is just breathtaking. . .

Photographer’s note: Did I mention that this hospital had AMAZING window light?!? Two huge windows with fabulous southern exposure. Heaven!

My favorite from the shoot I think. It gives me goosebumps all over. A mama comforting her baby is one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

Congratulations, David and Katie and family!