A Rustic Wine Country Wedding {Christine Kay, Destination Wedding Photographer}

I was blessed to be able to travel to Southern California for last weekend’s wedding. And what a beauty it was! The bride, Kelly had a very distinct vision that she worked very hard to carry out. Lots and lots of planning and details went into this wedding weekend and it showed! Typically, you need a wedding planner to pull off this many special touches but somehow Kelly pulled it off herself. Suffice it to say, Kelly, you might want to get into the business! 🙂

Kelly is, as John says, “proof” that you CAN meet a beautiful and *tall* woman on the internet. 🙂 Love that! These two have a very sweet, charming kind of love. He is a pretty tough guy. A hunter with the guns and ammo and to prove it. Yet, the man is a complete softy in the arms of his bride. She is his rock. And he is hers. He makes her laugh and smile on a daily basis. They are deeply devoted to one another and when you watch the two of them like I did last weekend, you know that they are truly each other’s match.

The families of the bride and groom took me in as one of their own. I was invited to every activity all weekend long with open arms. I was embraced as a daughter, a sister, a friend. Naturally, I begged them to adopt me. (True story.) And I’m grateful to report, the paperwork has been started!

Thank you, Kelly & John, “P” and “M” families, for the most amazing wedding weekend. You are surrounded by so much love and I was blessed to experience that with you for a short time.

 Seriously. Just LOOK at those adorable boots!!!

One of the bridesmaids made these cute hangers for all the girls. Love these!

A sweet moment between mom and daughter . . .

The adorable Matron of Honor (my cousin!) leaning over her 5 month pregnant belly in full devotion to her duties.  🙂

I said, “Ashlee, somebody else can do that!” Ash-“Nope! I’ve got this!”

The Orfila Winery had so many fun details of it’s own to photograph.

She was so elegant . . .

John, you rocked your GQ session. Nicely done.

And one from my second shooter for the day, Jonny of Hey Jonny Photography

The groom’s one request was to *not* see his bride until she was walking down the aisle. When John and Kelly chose to do a “Blind” First Look to get a moment together before the ceremony, we decided to let Kelly sneak up on him from behind. It was really fun to do it this way instead of hands around a door for typical Blind First Looks. I think I’m sold on doing it this way from here on out. I love the expressions it brought out in both of them. It must have taken some restraint for him not to turn around and take a look at his beautiful bride!

A seat not a side sign . .  cute!

Kelly wanted for the flowers to look freshly picked from a field. Love that the arrangements were all unique. And I adored the lace covered burlap. SO CUTE!

Here’s John giving Kelly the “you better!” look during the vows. Hilarious! He had her rolling. So much so that the minister said, “Kelly, you sure find this funny!” (Which just made her laugh more!) So cute. These two have a very deep but also playful love and it was beautiful to see them exchange their vows.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly . . . sooooo pretty!

A beautiful grab from my second shooter . . . Love!

It’s amazing how the simple ideas done really well come off so perfectly. Loved the reception details.

The rustic country vibe of the wedding really came through in every last detail.

This is one of my all time favorite first dance photos. So romantic. . . and Kelly is such a vision. I can’t take my eyes off her in this image. Pure bliss!

The father of the bride had a speech that left everybody in the room in both tears and laughter. Really, such a beautiful father/daughter moment. They have a really special bond and it was evident to all.

This groom’s cake was CLASSIC! It had everybody talking, I’ll tell you that!

Dancing, dancing, dancing! K and J, your peeps have skillzzzzz!

 You may have seen a good DJ at a wedding in your time, but my guess is you’ve rarely, if ever, seen a DJ THIS good. Not only did this guy keep the party hoppin’, but he was hilarious. ANDDDDDDD he sang. And I don’t mean he just sang. I mean he SAYYYYYYYNG. Boom. Like THAT! You’d hear some beautiful sultry song and you’d be caught up in the emotion of it. Then, you’d glance over and realize it was HIM singing. Crazy. Incredible. I bow in awe, Mr. Mark. I bow in awe. (Mark of CAKE Entertainment)

Gotta love a good catching the bouquet series! Ha!

A final send-off dance for the bride and groom . . . oh so sweet . . .

Congratulations, John and Kelly! Thank you for inviting me to photograph your weekend. I hope Jamaica is doing you right! 🙂


Stacey - October 23, 2012 - 1:29 am

What a gorgeous wedding! Stunning bride, beautiful decor, flowers, everything! Oh, and OF COURSE, very amazing photography, Christine! I love all the color!

MJ (Melissa Johnson) - November 1, 2012 - 7:13 pm

What a beautiful wedding! Love every single detail… second the recommendation for the bride to do this for a living 🙂 Great Pics Christine!

christinekay - November 8, 2012 - 6:41 pm

Thank you, Melissa!!! So sweet of you.