About Christine Kay

I am a Chicago-based photographer who specializes in photography for weddings, engagements, seniors, newborns, kids & families. Weddings by referral only. I am available for destination weddings on a limited basis. Inquire early for best availability.

I am inspired by modern interior design, fashion, and European Impressionism and Post-Impressionism art – all of which can make my heart skip a beat.

I never miss an episode of Project Runway. I’m obsessed and am more than just a little disappointed that it is on just once a week.

My “happy place” is people-watching just about anywhere in the city with a good cup of coffee. I love to study the way people interact with each other. I also love the beach and can’t wait for the Chicago winters to end so I can get my feet in the warm sand once again.

I have a thing for big dogs. And the small dogs with big-dog personalities.

I am a bit of a thrift store junky. Salvation Army in Lincoln Park is go-to, followed by Brown Elephant in Andersonville. I love finding somebody’s else’s passed-over treasures and putting my own spin on them. I have a whole gallery wall in my living room created mostly from art that I salvaged in some way from thrift stores. Did you know album covers can make fabulous art pieces?

I’m a night-owl. Editing photos into the wee hours of the morning is super-addictive.

I am smitten by beautifully designed heels. In my book, they are little walking works of art. They make me happy.

I LOVE good food and I love talking about good food while I’m enjoying it. Have you seen the Bill Murray movie “What About Bob?” The dinner scene with the fried chicken and corn? Well, uh. Ya. That’s me. (Click here to view the awesomeness.)

I don’t deserve my amazing husband. I am so thankful for him and proud of him. He’s my safe place.

I’m a mom of 3 amazing kids – 2 teens and a tween. I’m happy to report my sanity is mostly in check. And I’m certainly learning a lot these days. I’ve learned to keep both my sense of humor and my prayer closet accessible at all times. (And also, a $10 bottle of wine.)

My Photography:

I am a lover of Jesus, of life, of relationships, . . . fleeting moments, a tender touch, a loving glance, subtle smirks, downright silliness, looks of wonder, and uncontrollable laughter.

My photographic style in an extension of my love of life. So much more is expressed in an image through natural expressions. It is my job to help you feel comfortable enough to be yourself, capturing the many nuances that sum up who you are.

My Gratitude:

I thank God for giving me the ability to see life through the lens. It feeds me.

I thank my husband, my love, my best friend, Bill, for his “carpe diem” spirit which is the reason I began my photography business in the first place. I love you, Babe.

“If you know it’s what you want to do someday, then why aren’t you doing it now?” -Bill

Photo credit: Second Image by Blue Lily


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