“S” Family Photoshoot {Phoenix Travel Session}

Oh how I miss the colors of the desert!! It’s always such a privilege when I get to go back to Phoenix to do some photoshoots for my ‘friend-clients’ there and when we get to photograph in the desert, it just makes my heart doubly happy. This couple has given me many opportunities to document their life and growing family. Ricky and Kelly, it just gets more fun every time! Thank you for always trusting me and going with the flow! Hope we continue to make magical images for years and years to come! Kiss those babes for me. They sure are charmers!

“P” Family Photoshoot

I can’t say enough about this family. Basically mom, Amanda is my little sister – the much prettier little sister I never had. 😉 They weren’t sure they were going to be able to take the scheduled photos because they had an emotionally traumatic couple of weeks prior to our scheduled session. This awesome family is a foster family and they had to say goodbye to a sweet little one they had raised since birth just days before our shoot. Taking these photos was hard because they didn’t feel like their whole family was there and Amanda wasn’t sure she could do it. I’m so glad she and Nate pushed through and went ahead with the family photos. Love this sweet is worth celebrating!

The “E” Family {Phoenix Travel Session}

A family mini-session from Phoenix Fall photoshoots . . . . This family is very special to me. Being their photographer for so many different life stages has been such a privilege. I’m so happy for them and their growing family. Baby girl #2 made her arrival this winter and they are head over heels!

“T” Family Session

Every year I get to photograph this sweet family and each year it just gets better and better. The kids have learned to really trust me over the years. Admittedly, I was chasing these two around the first couple of years doing anything and everything under the sun to keep them engaged and cooperative. This year it was so easy!! We just hung out and took cool photos. They offered up their ideas and were game for my ideas without a second thought. Just goes to show you that it’s a process with kids. Some kids it just takes multiple exposures and voila! You’ve established a connection and it shows through in the photographs. Now when I see them, it’s like reconnecting with a niece and a nephew. I just love these two so much. Their parents aren’t too shabby either. {wink}

“G” Family Portraits

I did this little photosession for Anthropologie’s new family campaign and I just love love love it!

Meh. Okay, that was a lie. But this stylish model-family has me all inspired and smiling from ear to ear nonetheless. Little Miss Winifred is just. Too. Much. See what I mean? . . .