Baby “B” {Christine Kay, Chicago Newborn Photographer}


I can’t tell you how excited I am when brides and grooms of mine call me back and ask me to photograph their newborn babies! You might remember this couple (click here) with the really eclectic and fun wedding venue in my home city, Chicago. This year not only did they buy their first home, but 2 weeks ago, they welcomed their first child into this world. And he is such a cheeky little sweetie. Enjoy the images & congratulations, Nick and Laura! He is beautiful.


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I Do ~ Part 2 {Christine Kay, Chicago Wedding Photographer}

Congratulations, Michelle & Jeremy! What a fantastic celebration and so much fun!

Special thanks to my second shooter and right hand for the day, Njeri of Njeri Bishota Photography. Girl, I couldn’t have done it without you!


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I Do (Part 1) ~ Michelle and Jeremy {Christine Kay Chicago Wedding Photographer}

Part 2 of Michelle & Jeremy’s wedding blogpost will be up tomorrow!


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Be Still my Heart {Christine Kay, Lake Forest Newborn & Family Photographer}


My kids are 9, 11, and 13. And I would do anything to go back and study their precious newborn faces and count their little toes just one more time. Those memories of that unique time in life can never be taken from me. I *wish* with all my heart that I had professional photographs that capture the various emotions, sentiment, and connection during the first few weeks of my children’s lives, but for me, it’s just the memories. So when I am given the chance to create special newborn portraiture for other families, it becomes a very personal undertaking.

I am capturing for them, yes, but I am deeply affected by the impact of what I am creating. I know what these portraits mean to the families. Because someday, these kids will be 11 and 13 and this mama will want to relive these days. Even just one more time.

I have the best job in the world.

This little man couldn’t be any cuter – or have a more adorable family for that matter. He just captured my heart and left me breathless. . .

No, big sister, you goofing around on the bed did not mess up my portrait  . . . this is exactly what I want.:)

Oh Mr. Max, don’t worry, you are still the hot dog of the house.

(Sorry, coudn’t resist.)

These images of big sister & baby brother literally make my heart beat faster . . . LOVE . . .

Counting his toes . . . so precious . . .

Oh Max, you kill me.

I LOOOOVE moody pictures of little kids. Parents, PLEASE understand . . . if your kiddo is shy at the beginning of the photoshoot, that’s just fine! This is part of who they are at this stage. Let’s capture it! You don’t really want all big-grin photos of your kids anyway. You want this one -

And this one . . .

Those lips! That hair! I mean, really!!

Oh, Baby “C” . . . you had me at hello.

Congratulations to his sweet family! He’s a keeper.


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Love You to the Moon and Back


There’s nothing like becoming a parent for the first time. This itty bitty baby changes everything. She is a wonder and a miracle. So tiny and fragile and perfectly formed. Looking into her eyes is like discovering love for the very first time. And when I watch parents look into the eyes of their newborn baby, it just plain melts my heart.

Here are a few images from Baby “Z”‘s mini-newborn shoot . . . congratulations, Mannali and Hitesh! She’s perfectly perfect in every way.:)

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