Hitesh & Mannali ~ Expecting

The cold Spring weather broke for just a couple of warm, sunny 70 degree days last weekend ~ a preview of glorious summer days to come. . . and we jumped at the chance to shoot Hitesh and Mannali’s maternity shoot on the beach at sunset. Indeed, glorious days to come especially for these two first-time parents. We can’t wait to meet this little girl in just a few short weeks!

H & M, As I work through editing your images, I have a huge smile on my face the entire time. Someday this little girl is going to be able to look through these images of her beautiful mama and adoring daddy and know *just* how you felt about her from the very beginning. Such sweet love. And such a privilege to capture it for you.

Congratulations, Hitesh and Mannali! Here are some of your images . . .

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All You Need is Love, Christopher and Caitlin

Having been friends for three years, Chris and Caitlin always enjoyed each other’s company. They shared a love of superheros, How I Met Your Mother episodes and good old belly-laughter. She had a bit of a crush on him from Day 1 but nothing seemed to come of it. Their relationship hovered in the ‘friend-zone’ for so long, Caitlin was pretty sure nothing would ever come of it.

Over time, they started hanging out with mutual friends of theirs, a married couple from church – just the four of them. Pretty soon when the four of them weren’t hanging out, it was just Chris and Caitlin. This went on for several months and Caitlin’s heart was smitten. (It’s interesting how being around love is contagious, isn’t it?!) She had falled hard. They hadn’t spoken about their feelings for each other but they were best friends. She wanted this more than anything and yet, the thought of losing him in a bad break up was more than she could bear.

Chris was her other half. He was drawing her closer to God, challenging her, praying for her, providing for her . . . She was in deep.

One Monday, he called her and asked her over for dinner. For some reason, she was just *sure* he was inviting her over to tell her he couldn’t be around her any longer. She was going to lose her best friend. She called her parents in hysterics. They tried to calm her down and told her she was making much of nothing. Reluctantly, she got ready for dinner.

That night seemed to go on forever. They tried to talk and carry on as normal, but inside, she knew something was up. They went for a walk after dinner and the tension mounted. Near the end of their walk, as the possibility of finding out *what* was going on in his head seemed to be escaping, she found herself holding back tears. They ended up on a bridge in Lincoln Park, with a beautiful view of the downtown skyscape. They turned towards each other in silence. She bit her lip and braced for the worst.

He broke the silence and said, “I have something to ask you and I’m pretty sure you know what it is…” He went on to list all the things he liked about her, about how their ministry goals lined up together, about how he loved the way she interacted with their community group and church family . . . He poured out his heart. It was no accident that they were on this bridge with this spectacular view. He had planned it that way.

She was bawling like a baby.  Then he asked, “I’d like your permission to date you.”

Through her tears she answered simply, “I’d like that.”


God had brought the two together, never to be apart. And it doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

I think you’ll quickly see why my favorite pictures from the wedding day are the two of them looking at each other. Their love for each other just radiates every part of their being. Caitlin and Chris, congratulations. Your love is surely something to behold and I am thankful to have been able to capture that for you on film.

Designed by the groom . . .

Caitlin’s jewelry was handmade by her mother . . .

And the groom’s mother made the jewelry for the bridesmaids . . .

Had to capture a bit of their quirky side – rings photographed in their kitchen curio.

I adored this idea . . . image captured by cousin of the bride and texted to the groom before the First Look . . .

Caitlin and Chris wanted to keep everything local so I scouted a few neighborhood places to find just the right fit for some fun photos. Who says you have to get wedding photos done at all the “typical” Chicago places? I love that their photos are all distinctly Edgewater/Andersonville.

The groom’s cake (and even the wedding cake) reflected their quirky sides and love of superheroes. (He really IS her Clark Kent, you know.)

Of course, I had chills during the first dance when Chris sang Caitlin *their* song . . . Wonderful Tonight


Levi and Christina {Christine Kay, Chicago Engagement Photographer}


I’ve had the privilege of watching my friend Christina fall in love. That in and of itself has got to be one of the greatest joys in life. She no longer wanted to settle for a lesser-kind of love but to wait for God to bring her just the right man. I knew she had found somebody special in Levi right away and was thrilled to watch their love grow. I had no idea just how remarkable a man God had brought into Christina’s life until 6 months ago when Christina was hit by a car crossing the street. She was hospitalized in serious condition and stayed there for weeks. She endured very difficult surgeries, physical therapies, and was confined to a wheelchair for a time. Levi never left her side, always holding her hand, stroking her hair, and encouraging her through the physical pain.

I’ll tell you, watching the way Levi devoted himself to caring for her and not shying away during the really difficult days made me fall in love with him too! Christina’s mother and I would comment that this young man was something else – he truly was the real deal. And as sad as we were for Christina, we were so happy for her that she had the undying love and affection of this really sweet man. We knew then what Christina and Levi already knew themselves, they were made for each other and nothing would separate them.

Several months later, Christina is well on her way to full recovery and they are planning their wedding and their future together. They’ll be getting married in Texas in her hometown this winter. I am so excited that I was able to capture their engagement photos here in Chicago where they met, fell in love, and discovered just how deep their commitment is to one another.

We had fun on our tour of some of the lesser photographed areas of the city and ended at Oak Street Beach at sunset. It was all pretty darn awesome. And I’ve got a bajillion photos to prove it.

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Michelle and Jeremy, Engagement Session {Christine Kay, Chicago Wedding Photographer}

One of the best parts of what I do is being introduced to awesome new people by clients of mine. I love it! Michelle and Jeremy came to me through Sarah and Jimmy, whose wedding I photographed last summer. It is such a privilege when clients recommend me to their friends and I have to say, it’s my favorite way of getting new clients. I *LOVE* working with great people!  And these two are some of the nicest people you could possibly meet. Truly, I am blessed to be their photographer.

Due to all-day downpour on their original scheduled date, we ended up rescheduling their session. I’m so glad we were able to because this particular Saturday afternoon was the most perfect sunny, gorgeous day there ever could be. Pair that with this adorable couple and some really fun locations, and we had a winner on our hands. Michelle and Jeremy, you two are so much fun and your love is completely adorable. Thank you for putting your trust in me to capture your love.

On to the images . . . P.S. I can’t wait to show you Michelle’s adorable art project idea for their session – so creative!


Senior Session – Hannah {Christine Kay, Senior Photography}


I recently got to spend the morning hours photographing this beauty to wrap up the summer. She is a recent college grad and her parents wanted to get some fun photos of her to celebrate her accomplishment. We had so much fun together and she reminded me how much I miss senior photography! Believe it or not, she’s the first senior I’ve photographed since moving to Chicago. Here’s to many more! Hannah, you rocked it!

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