“B” Family Photoshoot

I don’t mean to sound biased but is there any better gift parents of adult children could get for Christmas than an all-family photoshoot? These “kids” couldn’t think of one anyway! And with some of them coming into town from the West Coast, Thanksgiving weekend was the perfect time for a downtown photoshoot. We had a blast together because these people are just my kind of people – goofy, fun-loving, and always ready to ham it up. (Not to mention super stylish and overall just plain fantastic!) We sure laughed a lot so I think the images will bring a smile to your face as you wonder what the heck is going on behind the scenes . . . I’ll leave that to your imagination. (Though I will say this shoot involved quite a few hidden reasons for all the big smiles . . . you know — photobombing, heckling, bum-pinching and the like.) Haha

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Teen Friend Shoot #taylor_squad

This shoot was so much fun! For my daughter’s 13th birthday, we decided to do a photoshoot birthday party with her crew. The girls were a riot and I can’t wait to show you the images . . . I’m thinking there’s some future supermodels here. . . Mercy goodness, stop the clocks! What is happening?!

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“T” Family Photoshoot

It’s January which means it’s time to start catching up on the blogposts from the holiday photoshoot season! And there’s nothing quite like a forest preserve in the Fall to set the scene for some fun family photos. I’ve gotten to photograph this family for four years in a row now and it just keeps getting better and better. Love you, “T” family! Can’t wait til next year ~

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I Do ~ Ellen and Will

This past Saturday was 11 years in the making and I know the bride and groom would tell you it was worth every day of waiting! Will and Ellen said, “I Do” on a beautiful Fall day in Chicago and what a day it was! The day was packed full of family, friends, love, and special touches. We traveled all around the city capturing images at some of Chicago’s most stunning locations. Ellen and Will’s friends and family really went the extra mile to make sure that everything was just perfect for their wedding day. So many people offered their time and creativity to throw the perfect celebration to honor the newly married couple. The couple planned a glamorous Hollywood-movie-premier style reception (Will has a love affair with all things film) and I can’t wait to show you all the details. I think this might take the cake as wedding blogposts go, so dim the lights, pull your laptop to the couch, maybe even pop some popcorn! – and enjoy the “show”!!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wang!





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Baby John Comes Home

It was so much fun to photograph this baby and family. They are friends of mine who moved to the suburbs, following God’s call on the dad’s life to pastor a church there. (So I was ecstatic when I was asked to do their newborn photos!) Baby John was born 2 months early and spent those next 8 weeks in the NICU so there was so much joy when I got to their home just a few days after he came home from the hospital. These girls were just absolutely the most adorable they could possibly be, jumping up and down (and all around!) waiting for their turn with their baby brother. Each one was so tender and attentive to their baby bro, it was just melting my heart in every way. Mom and Dad were just so happy to all be under one roof, . . . ahhh! It was just happy happy happy all around.

Another great day to be a photographer!! Lucky me! Enjoy the images!

This little piggy went to market, This little piggy stayed home, . . .

Singing Twinkle, Twinkle to their little baby brother . . .

Ohhhhh, I love that last one . . . I love images of mamas comforting their littles. Just perfect.

Congratulations, “H” family!!! Thank you for giving me this privilege.

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